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The return is in the bottle

Whisky cask ownership is all about the bottling.  Whether buying casks for investment or for passion, bottling should be the exit strategy of choice.  The cask is sold at wholesale pre-tax, pre-bottled price and as such, the greatest return is in creating the retail product, the bottle.  Simply put, a cask is wholesale, a bottle is retail. 

We can provide bottles, caps, corks and labels, printing your label designs in-house and support with sign-off on designs from regulators, export paperwork completion and connection to overseas importers.  Once all goods are in the warehouse, we will complete your bottling and packing the same day. 

Premium Bottling Service

Fast, Simple & Transparent


Once you are ready to bottle, send us your request at [email protected].  We will provide you with a quote based on the materials required and when you are ready to proceed, we will either use the extensive supplies in our storage warehouse or we will submit the orders on your behalf.

Due Dilligence

SWA and distilleries require checking on the label designs.  We help organize sign-off on the designs for you.  For overseas deliveries, we work with customs in the UK and your chosen country of delivery to make sure paperwork is ready ahead of the scheduled pick up.

Bottling, Labelling & Packing

Upon receipt of all materials, we will send you our schedule for the week and you can book in the time and date of the bottling.  For clients who so choose, we can video this process for you to experience the bottling of your whisky yourself.  Bottles are packaged, put onto pallets and ready for your logistics partner to pick up.


Your bottles are picked up from our warehouse on the date chosen and shipped to you.  You can choose different shipping options, insurance and volumes by organizing with your private client manager at Volpe & Castello.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a minimum order charge below 100 bottles.

Typically 750ml for the USA and 700ml for other markets.

Samples are available upon request.

We stock the most popular dry goods, ready for your use. However, if you would prefer to do this yourself, make sure you supply the following items:

  • Bottles
  • Boxes
  • Capsules
  • Corks
  • Labels
  • Packaging

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